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Winter Parties: Seeking Style Inspiration

December 17, 2018

Happy December! After spending most of the month shopping for your loved ones, it’s finally time to focus on yourself. Just make sure you’ve checked your list twice! Style Encore is a great place to take a last-minute look at what you might want to throw on for holiday events, keeping your look unique, on trend, and just your style.

One idea is to use unexpected winter colors. Forgo the classic navy, red, and green tones, and go for a lavender dress or sweater. Although crocuses are technically spring flowers, I always imagine them peeking out of the snow since they’re almost always the first flowers to pop up after the season’s over. Their light purple hue can be a perfect shade for winter. Inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere, so always keep an open mind.

Another way to think outside the box is to wear tights with open-toe or strappy shoes, instead of boots or basic pumps. Unless you have to tromp through the snow to arrive at your destination, they’re a great way to extend the life of your spring or summer heels. Try a pair of black tights under a pair of shimmery silver open-toe heels or a jewel-tone sheer under a coordinating shade of shoes, or even a pair of knit socks.

Finally, no matter what you’re wearing, you can accessorize with your nails! I’ve found color inspiration for many things in my life that began with a single nail color. Sometimes I’ll even bring a bottle into the store to find what I’m looking for. Find your perfect muted red shade and hold it up against the racks to see what pops out at you—I’ve done it! Stop at Style Encore to find the perfect gently-used pieces to take your party look to the next level. Having your outfit out of the way lets you focus on nothing but having a great time.

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | Truelane